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Russia has been the source of some of the world's most moving and grooving influences in the psychedelic trance genre for the last few years. Riding the crest of this relentless wave of dance floor-shaking sounds is BLITZ STUDIOS. Since its inception, Blitz and its artistic director DJ DHARMA KAYA have been tirelessly busy, innovatively and very effectively churning out ever new and killer sounds. Blitz has been the mother to the globally acclaimed release VOSTOK 1 which is still receiving regular rotation in DJ sets and playlists worldwide today.

Enter Blitz's latest and by no means least release TIME SHIFT. Headlined by Moscow's infamous psy-trance project SULIMA (from the world renowned MANIFOLD duo), this album features seven of Eastern Europe's most influential and sought after producers who all have put their energy into producing one of the genre's most anticipated releases of 2009. From BLISARGON DEMOGORGON to FUNGUS FUNK, from HYSTERIA to STROFARIA, "Time Shift" is a collection of ten tracks comprised of so much talent, ingenuity and transcendence that even the Motherland itself cannot contain. Mastered by the legendary ARTIFAKT, this meaty blend of top notch Russian and Slavic psytrance is on a world scale, with each and every track made to be enjoyed within a myriad of times and situations. As good as this album is, the cherry on this sundae is that this work is only a foreshadowing of the profound musical mastership that Sulima and friends will be bringing to the world table in the very near future times to come. This excellent dancefloor-oriented psychedelic music speaks for itself! No comparison!


 - Time Shift
 - Sci Fi Thriller
 - Alpha Colony
 - City 17
 - Space Monkey Freaks
 - Fantasy Lab
 - Infinity Particle
 - Data Processing Tower
 - Reanimation
 - Parallel Cube